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The ULTIMA BASS-90 is intended for use as a bass-module in bi-amped systems by orchestras, discotheques, theatres and cinemas.

The ULTIMA BASS-90 is moderate in size with a gross volume of 130 litres, and it can produce an SPL of 130 dB peak at 1m. It is handled by one man.

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SPECIFICATIONS:Components: (1) 15" cone driver
Frequency response (Hz -6dB, half space)45-300
Frequency response (Hz -6dB) with preset EQ36-300
Maximum SPL with recom. amplifier (dB)130
Sensitivity (dB/w/m average, half space)98
Impedance (ohms, nom)8
Recom. amplifier power 8 ohms load (w)1700
Dimensions (mm)width440
Volume, gross (litre)130
Weight (kg)30
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