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Precision Wave Line 
The desirable qualities of a loudspeaker partly stand in physical contrast to each other. Depending on how well it has been dimensioned, the compromise can turn out to be more or less good. Common principles of loudspeaker design often don't correspond to our demands. Therefore we find new solutions in the development of our loudspeakers.

Precision Wave Line (PWL) is a design of ours that, in many cases, reduces the contrasts mentioned above. The costs of development and production however are greater. We only use PWL in the cases where it gives a better result than other designs.

The PWL principally works as a transmission line and a quarter wave pipe. During the first half-wave the PWL acts as a transmission line for the loudspeaker unit, with a minimum of reflections. After the first half-wave it acts as a quarter wave pipe. The speakers lowest register is reproduced by the opening, which results in a significant damping of the cone- movements.

The PWL requires a thorough design and high-precision manufacturing for a successful result. We design the PWL to give the system very high damping and high efficiency. It's an easy load for the amplifier and thereby reduces the power requirements. It also gives a very high acoustic capacity in relation to the size of the cabinet.

In addition to the PWL we use vented box and closed box principles.
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